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Marketing Your Bed & Breakfast

Customers are golden for any type of business and a bed & breakfast is no exception. Empty rooms mean loss of profits and if that is happening several times a week you may need to implement some changes while you still have the opportunity to do so. You need to get the word out about your business in a way that makes people very excited to come check it out for themselves.

These days people look for anything and everything online. It is one of the first places they turn when they need accommodations while traveling. You should have your own website in place. Many people have the idea that this is too hard or too expensive but it doesn’t have to be. Do what you can on your own and then hire someone to take care of the rest of it for you.

The website needs to be very professional looking as well as inviting. You want guests to be very impressed by what they see. Give them details about what you will be offering them during their stay. Include pictures to help them get a realistic picture of what the bed & breakfast looks like inside and out. This will encourage people to secure a reservation rather than just showing up and hoping for the best.

Do your homework and find all the locations that area hotels use for advertising. You want to be right there along side them. Remember that they are your competition so give them a run for their money. Don’t overlook fliers, promotional signs, newspapers, and even bulletin boards where you can post your information. Local advertising can benefit you in many ways.

When individuals are planning to come to town to see family and friends they are going to ask for a good place to stay. You want your bed & breakfast to be something that they readily think of. This way they can set up a reservation for their guests that will benefit you. Chances are these individuals will come back again and stay with you in the future as well.

If you play your cards right, the guests that come to your business will go back out and rave about it. This can end up being the snowball rolling downhill that you need for your business to really take off. They will likely be encouraged to tell people about it more if you offer them some type of incentive as well.

Think about ways you can extend your appreciation to those that do stay at your bed & breakfast. They can get discounts when they refer others and discounts when they stay frequently. You want to continue encouraging them to come back so make it well worth their while. With so many hotels offering rewards programs these days you need to get on board.

You definitely need to get out there and find ways to generate more customers for your bed & breakfast. This is going to take time and dedication but it will pay off. You need to have an established budget for advertising though so you aren’t just sitting there hoping someone will stumble upon your bed & breakfast.

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