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Catering Equipment for Airlines by Stana Peete Travelling via airplane is a great experience and this is due to the care that is taken by the airplane staff. They...

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Marketing Your Bed & Breakfast

Customers are golden for any type of business and a bed & breakfast is no exception. Empty rooms mean loss of profits and if that is happening several times...

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Top 10 Hotel Digital Marketing Trends to Capitalize on the

  For most people, the holiday season is filled with shopping, eating great home-cooked meals, planning vacations, and sipping on the latest holiday drinks while catching up with friends...

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Business: Security Article Category

The Applicant’s Role in Security Clearance Decisions by Jeffrey Bennett Considering the security clearance application process and the granting decision; let’s consider the following from the adjudicator’s point of...

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B2B Marketing: Selling To The Hospitality And Travel Industry

In 2005, hotels in America generated $100 billion in profits, mostly from the food services sector. Luxury hotels also did brisk business, and smaller hotels too brought in additional...

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