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100 blog post content ideas to increase organic traffic to



Struggling to consistently create content?

(Same, girl. Same.)

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sat staring at a blinking cursor on a blank page, wondering how the heck I was supposed to write yet another blog post related to my businesses topic, Squarespace.

The problem is, you can’t just stick a handful of helpful posts up when you first start your Blog, Vlog, Channel, or Insta and just hope those will forever be enough to keep the crowds comin’.

You may very well be the end-all-be-all knowledge source for your topic, but if you aren’t consistently putting what you know on paper (errm…online), then your audience will never have a chance to experience that brilliance and believe you are the expert you say you are.

And you can forget showing up in a search for your chosen seo keywords or niche topic…

(Not convinced? See: I blogged consistently for 1 year, here’s what happened to my traffic, and The most successful online businesses all have this 1 thing in common. Hint:it’s consistent, valuable content.)

Okie dokes!

Ready to dust off the ol’ blog (or whatever your preferred platform for dropping knowledge bombs 🤯 about your industry)?

I’m sharing 100 plug-and-play blog post & content ideas for you to take and use in your own biz!

(That’s almost 2 years of content if you’re posting once a week! You’re welcome!)

So make a mental list of the most common tools, tech, tricks, myths, pain points, and FAQ from your industry and start filling in the blanks below!

Oh, and just to show you how adaptable each of these ideas are to almost any type of biz, I’ve included some truly random niches as examples, as well as a past blog post of my own to help you brainstorm things like layout, talking points, etc!

I’ll try to break them down into categories to help you more easily rotate the different types of content when planning your editorial calendar (I have a post on how to create an editorial calendar too, if you need it!)

Here’s a little preview of the categories:

  • Tutorials & beginner’s guides to getting started

  • Comparisons & review posts

  • Inspirational & motivational content

  • Behind the scenes & personal posts

  • Tips, tricks & best practices

  • Advice & mistakes to avoid

  • Resource roundups & FAQs

  • Project showcases, interviews & case studies

Tutorials & beginner’s guides to getting started

1. Dreaming of ? Do this first! (building a custom home, starting a YouTube Channel, owning a furless cat)

2. How to find/get/buy your first ?  (vehicle, computer, boyfriend)

3. How to start/get started with in 2020? (your taxes, adopting a baby, planning a wedding)

4. How to using/through . (add color to your garden using only perennials, record a tutorial using Loom, cook butter chicken using an Instant Pot)

5. 101: Beginner’s guide to . (Skin care 101: Beginner’s guide to exfoliating, Mexican food 101: Beginner’s guide to authentic tasting dishes)

6. How to use and to . (use your iPhone and built-in headphone mic to record professional looking videos, use acrylics and watercolors to paint your first landscape)

7. Here’s when to based on . (when to call it quits based on these 5 relationship red flags, book a vacation based on the best flight deals)

8. Looking to ? Here’s how I did it. (start an Etsy shop, learn to mountain bike)

9. How to do the right way. (how to DIY your next home reno project the right way, how to correctly spot a dangerous mushroom in the wild)

10. How to completely your . (makeover your living room, transform your morning routine)

11. My exact step-by-step process. (deep cleaning, fortune-telling, cat-grooming)

12. How to for $ . (build your own home gym for under $200, listen to music online for free)

13. basics: . (Trust fund basics: how to live off of it for the rest of your life, fencing basics: how to keep your cows where you want ‘em.)

14. A guide to . (Netflix’s most watched movies, pronouncing common phrases in German)

15. Workshop/Masterclass/Mini-Course: . (Mini-course: how to teach your boyfriend how to braid your hair, workshop: how to grow your Instagram followers by 10,000 in 1 week)

16. terms/lingo in plain English you can understand. (Website coding terms, astrophysics, tarrot card reading)

17. Intro to . (music theory, plumbing)

18. How to at every budget. (paint a car, travel full-time, find a wedding florist)

Comparisons & review posts

19. A honest review of . (Seattle’s biggest tourist attractions, the iPhone 47.)

20. vs . Which one should I use/which one is better for ? (cats vs dogs: which one makes a better companion, renting vs owning: which one costs more)

21. I tested out . Here’s what I think about it. (hair growth pills, intermittent fasting, Google’s lastest app) I tested out Showit. Here’s my review with the pros & cons

22. The best free/cheap alternative to . (The best inexpensive dupes for Mac makeup products, the best cheap alternative to staying at a hotel while travelling)

23. How I use to . (use tumeric to tie-dye my clothes, use a daily planner to organize my life)

24. : is it really worth it? (the Traeger smoker, electric cars, Adobe’s Pro Paid Plan)

25. . What it’s really like and how to get your money’s worth. (College, Coachella, moving to a Senior’s home)

26. comparison chart/list of features. (iPhone 7 vs. Samsung 7, *product name here* pricing plans)


How to set up your business to survive and thrive


Inspirational & motivational content

27. : What’s keeping you from ? (Weight loss: what’s keeping you from achieving your goals, Ditch your day job: 3 things keeping you at your 9-5)

28. # of things to do when you’re . (10 ways to treat yourself when you’re a broke college student, 4 ways to get free childcare when you can’t afford a sitter)

29. How to handle/deal with when you’re . (how to handle seeing your ex at a highschool reunion, how to deal with a bad credit score when trying to get a loan.)

30. What to do when . (your car won’t start in the winter, a client cancels last minute)

31. Struggling with ? Do it anyway! (Not a yogi? Step up to the mat anyway, not sure you qualify for that scholarship? Here’s why you should apply anyway!)

32. To you struggling with . You can do it! (To the mom who feels like a failure: you’re teaching your kids more than you know, to you who feel stuck: you don’t have to stay where you are)

ie. To you with a 9-5 and the crazy dream of a different life. Yes you can!

33. Challenge: . (drink 8 cups of water a day for 7 days, give up fast fashion and build a sustainable wardrobe)

34. Stuck feeling ? Here’s how to change it! (stuck in a dating rut, swimming in student loans)

35. I stopped letting . Here’s how I did it. (I stopped ordering impulse items on Amazon, I stopped trying to make everyone else happy)

Behind the scenes & personal posts

36. How my biggest failure/challenge lead me to . (how my torn ACL made me a stronger athlete, how losing my job changed my life for the better)

37. # of changes that took me from to . (5 changes that took me from insecure to confident when public speaking, 7 design tricks that took my house from drab to drool-worthy)

38. How I started/become . (How I quickly became the top-earning salesperson in my field, how I built a tiny house out of 100% recycled materials)

39. # of unexpected lessons I learned from . (buying my first car, eating at a 2.5 star restaurant)

40. Behind the scenes of . (running a Disney-themed cruise, competing in my first weight-lifting competition)

41. What’s in my . (what’s in my toolkit when I show up to a client’s home, what’s in my planner: a look at how I organize my day)

42. Why I made change. (why I switched from vegetarianism to veganism, why I changed all my social media accounts to private)

43. Honesty hour: . (what happened when I stopped using deodorant, why I’ll never fly coach again)

44. An inside look at . (designing the world’s most expensive toothpicks, earning ad income on YouTube)

45. How I manage/handle . (how I manage predators when grazing my cattle, how I deal with anxiety when visiting the in-laws)

45. I for a week/month/year. Here’s what happened to . (I ate 30 bananas a day for a month. Here’s what happened to my joint pain. I meditated for 30 mins every morning for a week, here’s what happened to my stress-levels)

46. Why I decided to/not to . (why I decided to stop coloring my hair, why I decided not to offer tree-trimming in my yard care business)

47. # of ways I’m . (8 ways I’m being kinder to my inner-child, 4 ways I’m setting myself up for financial success in 2020)

48. My story/journey to . (my journey to becoming the hot-dog eating champion of the world, my survivor story: how I found joy after the pain)

49. How I went from to . (from tone-deaf to professional singer, from invisible to indispensable at my work place)

50. I . here’s what happened next. (I stopped watering my succulents, I started batch-working in my business)

Tips, tricks & best practices

51. # of reasons to . (5 reasons to start a college fund for your future children now, 10 reasons to start using anti-aging products in your 20’s)

52. What to do about before . (# of places to sell your artwork before you have a website, how to start investing before you’ve paid off your debt)

53. This is the most common of . (the most sign you aren’t getting enough sleep, the most common fine-dining faux pas most people make)

54. # smart questions to ask before . (7 smart questions to ask yourself before you buy your next home, 15 smart questions to ask before you pick a proctologist)

55. # ways to make your a success. (7 ways to make your next dinner party a hit, 9 ways to make sure your photoshoot goes off without a hitch)

56. How to successfully/properly . (deep fry a Turducken, auction off your used clothing on eBay)

57. The easiest thing you can do to . (let him know you’re not interested, triple your chances of winning at chess)

58. Why matters and the facts to prove it. (what you put on your skin, having a living will)

59. Do this one thing to ensure . (to ensure you live until you’re 100, to ensure your pets don’t get cavities)

60. How will save you time/money. (hiring a financial advisor, upgrading your old laptop)

61. How to truly understand . (why your baby is crying and what it needs, what makes men tick)

62. How to make the most of . (moving across the country, an extended hospital stay)

63. Why you need/deserve and how to make it happen. (why you deserve a raise, why you need a companion animal)

64. # of tips for consistently doing . (making your bed in the morning, getting audition call-backs)

65. You will only master/get good at if you . (you will only master the art of TaiKwando if you live by these 4 principles, you will only get good at auctioneering if you do these 3 vocal warm-ups)

66. # of hacks to help you . (keep your car looking spotless, save money on everyday grocery items)

67. This is the secret to . (the secret to keeping a perfect poker face, the secret ingredient to keeping your cookies gooey and soft)

68. How to use your to . (use the clothes you already own to create new outfits, use your weaknesses to your advantages when applying for a job)

69. How to make sure your is set up for . (your guest room is set up for guests, your check-in process is set up for smooth-sailing)

70. : Tips & tricks to know when . (Backpacking in Europe: Tips & tricks to know when planning your travels, Bobsledding: Tips & tricks to know to know when you are first starting out)

71. # of ways to get a discount/deal on . (8 ways to save when you’re buying homeowners insurance, 10 grocery stores that price-match fresh produce)

72. Improve your with this one simple trick you may not have heard of. (increase your chances of winning the lottery, improve your eyesight)

73. # of quick tips to achieve . (6 quick tips to make doing chores more enjoyable for kids, 5 quick tips for styling your office shelves)

74. How to find the perfect . (how to find the perfect spot for your sun-loving plants, how to find the perfect buyer for your home)

Advice & mistakes to avoid

75. # of mistakes to avoid when . (baking a 7-tier cake, crossing international borders)

76. If I could tell one thing… (if I could tell my teenage self one thing, if I could tell those looking to hire a home decorator one thing)

77. # of things I would do differently if . (I had college to do all over again, I could design my dream home again)

78. The top # of lessons I learned through . (the top 10 lessons I learned trying to DIY my own kitchen cabinets, top 5 lessons I learned through hiring and firing my first employee)

79. # of things you should know before you . (order seafood off the menu, attempt to cut your own bangs)

80. What no one tells you about . (what no one tells you about mixing business and family, signing up for a time-share)

81. Your isn’t ? This might be why. (your pear tree isn’t producing any fruit, your car isn’t getting good gas mileage)

82. How and why you should . (grow your own lentils, back up your hard drive weekly)

83. How to achieve without . (eat what you want without gaining weight, travel full-time without an income)

84. # of decisions you need to make about . (6 brand decisions you need to make before you invest in a copywriter, 5 important decisions to make before you say yes to the dress)

85. # of essential tools/tech you need to . (6 tools you need to kill it as a cookie decorator, 4 essential tools you need to manage your finances)

86. # of lies/myths they tell you about . (6 lies you’ve been told about reaching your personal income goals, 5 myths you’re believing about growing a following on social media)

87. # of reasons could be happening to you. (5 reasons your teeth are turning yellow after a whitening treatment, 4 reasons you haven’t heard back from that job interview)

88. Do’s and don’ts of . (DIY landscaping, adopting a pet from a shelter)

Resource roundups & FAQs

89. What do I need to . (what do I need to include on a resume cover letter, what do I need to bring on an overnight hiking trip)

90. My favorite for . (my favorite recipes for quick week-night dinners, my favorite places to shop second-hand online)

91. # of examples of . (8 inspiring examples of people making their communities a better place, 5 best examples of authors self-publishing their books)

92. Are you ready for ? (are you ready to start dating again, are you ready to own your first home)

93. Ask me anything: . (ask me anything: homeschooling edition, ask me anything: the truth about being an Olympic medalist)

94. Should I or ? (hire a pro to clean my pool or do it myself, take Ibuprofen or Acetaminophen for a hangnail)

95. What to expect when . (you attend your first broadway show, you buy certified refurbished electronics from Amazon)

96. Your top questions about , answered. (top questions about sailing, top questions about hiking Machu Picchu)

Project showcases, interviews & case studies

97. # of examples of past students/client’s projects. (7 lawn and gardens of past clients that belong in a magazine, 5 recent family photoshoots that will melt your heart)

98. Interview: lessons learned in . (submitting my work to be published, building a forever home)

99. How quickly achieved using my *product or service*. (landed her first paid gig, paid off her $100,000 student loan)

100. Interview: How to become/do . (how to become a successful yodeler interview, how to move to France and become a pastry chef interview)


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